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Replacement shutter blinds

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I'm having new blinds fitted to a IIIa dating back to 1937 at a very reasonable price by retired camera repairer. I've just put a first test film through a recently acquired IIIc dating from 1949 and hoping it's OK. However, I read somewhere that at the end of the war the company struggled to get hold of the same materials they used before the war (e.g. rubberised silk blinds and chrome) so there were some quality issue that were only corrected by the end of the decade. I don't suppose silk is available now but whatever they use should be good enough to last a decade or two.

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firstly, enjoy your combo without fear.

Second, if something go wrong, happily we still have some nice technicians to repair (or CLA) these old marvelous designs.


When I began my LTM journey (many decades ago) the tales and myths about them were funny to know about.

Happily, when in real use, these old gears give me satisfactions no other gear can give.

As beginner, my first Standard needed to be repaired (nothing to complain after that, decades later) at first film.

At front plus other just to show the compactness of Standard

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Even the non coupled non coated Elmar 3.5/5cm is very good lens no haze, no scratch and gives me top quality pictures

The red dots are added to help using this "fast" * lens.

* faster than AF ! presetting everything even no time lag to talk about, happy using

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