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"New" Leica M60!

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I machine so called 'stainless steel' all the time...on my Schaublin CNC lathe and Aciera f4 milling machines. 

a) it isn't hard to machine - it is just harder to machine than aluminium or brass and by 'harder' all this means is tool wear is faster at the margin

b) anyone who has worked with so called 'stainless' knows that it 'finger marks ( ie takes on the greasy residue of your hands )  just as easily as any other metal does ; and

c) whatever spray in film coating they use is what is (for the shorter term until UV and incidental contact  inevitably wears it down molecule by molecule) limiting the effect of light reflection off the greasy residue that your skin leaves on every thing you touch.


Pretty thing though looks like an anodised aluminium M9 body.


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