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Leica SL2-S Powered off V Mount battery

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I'm currently a SL 601 owner and have been tempted to go to the SL2s for the USB-c powered options since I've been shooting more video and I'm used to cameras powering off v lock or gold mount or having a dummy battery to p-tap. I can't find really any article or discussion about people who are rigging up their SL2-s and powering it off a v lock or gold mount. Does anyone do this and what has the experience been like?

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You'll want to have a look at this thread:

The short answer is that you need a USB-PD compliant power supply, which isn't the case with most V-Lock batteries that provide plain 5v 2A USB. The thread mentions some models that work. Unfortunately, not all power supplies that claim to support USB-PD work with all devices that make the same claim. It's not just a Leica issue, you'll run into the same problems with smartphones and laptops.

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Hey , 


I am doing just that. Using a V-mount battery to power the sl2s. 

I use these Batteries: https://bundlestar.de/akkus/v-mount/v-mount-akkus/181/patona-premium-v-mount-akku-bp-95w?gclid=Cj0KCQjw_viWBhD8ARIsAH1mCd46e_RPbXLk4WmH05qQzqXZssO_63TEkduXDUnvuYSxOKVNBPp_m6waAlcsEALw_wcB


And there is also the option to do this

d-tap to USB-C 



the other option I recommend are these Anker batteries




Excellent for the power, when you are on the road. 


And since I use Anker , I never had any issue any more. 


The V mount I use mostly when I use a slider and I need more power. 


Kind regards 


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