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Summilux-M 50mm ASPH bent lens hood


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I'm in Tasmania, Australia and unfortunately we do not have a Leica dealer or repair centre in the state (which is an island). Obviously I have sent gear off for a CLA before, but I would rather not when I can help it. With that said, I already knew that the rangefinder coupling and optics etc were fine (I used the lens on both Thursday and Friday) so I was happy enough to have a crack at this myself after advice in this thread. It really was as simple as removing the single screw mentioned above (which literally only holds the hood in place - nothing else on the lens could move or come off) and then the hood came right off. I used an off cut of pine to panel beat it back into enough of a circle to operate smoothly again. It doesn't look as good as it did a week ago, but it functions as well as ever. I might buy a new hood at some point but chances are it will never bother me enough to do so. Thanks again for all the help!



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