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Total newbie... Stupid question


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What are those numbers ?

If it is after turning on the M, I bet the ISO setting.

After a couple of seconds or when you press the shutter halfway, other numbers will replace them.

I suggest reading the user manual.

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Depends on a newbie's experience with other camera displays. The LED numerical displays in the Ms are quite a bit larger than the numbers in most recent high-res internal LCD viewfinder displays    1/500  f/2.8        ISO 320   , etc. Or even traditional SLR displays (i.e. my Canon 5DII).

And also impinge into the picture area (at least for 28-35 lenses).

For SteveW8405:

1) It is larger than today's high-res screen displays because it has to work in the window-viewing optical system of the M rangefinders, with as little change to the existing viewing optics (originally for the M2 - 1957) as possible.

The exposure display was added to the M viewfinder in 1984 (M6) with 1984 technology (i.e. big red LEDs), and has only been mildly updated ever since; adding the numerical shutter speed readouts (1.500, etc.) in the aperture-priority film M7 in 2002.

If you are new to Leica M, you will find out very quickly that, with the M cameras, Leica is dedicated to the "look and feel experience of photography" of not just 2002 or 1984, but by preference all the way back to the M3 of 1954, where possible!

Althought the internals (sensor, shutter, battery) and optional addons (EVF) are always updating, the basic camera is designed to work, to the hand and eye, just like a Leica M from decades ago, if desired. It is part of its appeal to many. A feature, not a bug. ;)

2) That LCD display cannot be turned off. Although it may turn off after a while to save battery power until the shutter button is pressed again (not sure if that still applies to the M11, though).

It can be reduced to simple exposure indicators (arrows and a dot >•<) by setting the shutter dial to a manual shutter speed instead of A(perture-Priority, camera-selected shutter speed).

Here's the relevant page from the M11 owner's manual:

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