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I use my SL2 with my TL lenses all the time. Great combination of light weigh, compact, zoom and prime, with quick autofocus and great colors. 

Can't go wrong with that combination, less expensive and a lot less in size and weight.

Best wishes.

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Until recently I had a SL+Cl, then for four months SL2+CL, and then SL2-S+CL. Now I have SL2-S+Q2!

It was convenient having bodies with a common mount (I also have a Sigma fp), but I was more likely to put SL lenses on the CL than TL lenses on the SL. The exception was the Apo-Macro-Elmarit-TL 60, which I occasionally used on the SL.

The one consequence of any significance was that the M240 was squeezed out between the SL and the CL - I just didn't use it, so sold it. (Now my only M is a M4).

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Thank you.

Novoflex came back with: "I´m sorry but I didn't have the chance to test this combination. So I cannot tell you exactly the magnification. I think you will get a magnification around 2:1 with the lens and up to 4:1 with the bellows. But I'm not sure. With modern lens constructions it is not possible (not for me) to calculate the magnification, because you don't get all the necessary information about the lens design."

May opt for the Sigma, if I don't get the itch for the Q... 

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