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Bitte stimmt hier ab/please vote here

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Liebe LTM-Nutzer

Ihr habt bis zum 10. Juli Zeit, zwischen den Bildern zu wählen. Drei Punkte für das beste Bild, zwei für das zweitbeste und einen für den drittplatzierten.

Nennt bitte auch den Namen des Fotografen und/oder den Bildtitel

Der Gewinner erhält das Recht, das Thema für die nächste Barnack Challenge festzulegen.


Dear LTM users

You have until 10 th of July to cast your vote as follows.Three points for best, two points for second and one point for third.

Please write the name of the photographer and/or the title of the picture.

The winner then has the right to set the theme for the next Barnack Challenge.

yours sincerely


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Advertisement (gone after registration)

I am impressed by the overall concept of our friend Pyrogallol. A total work of art!!! = 3P.

What fascinates me about Aryel's work is fascinated by the wit and charm of the wonderful recording, which in my eyes is more than a simple family snapshot! = 2P.

Martin B's recording convinces me with a first-class depth graduation. = 1P.

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to award more and more points. You would have earned all the points..!

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3pts -- Martin B

2 pts -- Pyrogallol

1pt -- Erl

I'm sorry I didn't manage to submit an entry.  I took photographs, but last minute changes in my travel plans left me unable to get them processed in time for the deadline, unfortunately.  Next time! 

As always many great photos here and it is difficult to make a choice.  Many imaginative takes on the theme.

All best,


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