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Visoflex and screw mount lens

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I  using a visoflex evf on a monochrom M10. It’s fine with normal bayonet lenses but with adapted screw to bayonet the finder works for a couple of seconds then turns off. Or when I focus.or even if I move my hand to focus. 
tried cleaning, different adapters, changing all the settings  in camera. 
it should work shouldn’t it ? 

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Pretty sure this is due to light getting on the lens sensor which sits on the lower part of the mount. It automatically closes the shutter when lights get to it, probably as a sensor protection mechanism if you forgot to switch it off before swapping lens.

It mostly is a problem if your adapter doesn't cover the sensor, the original leica adapters don't. To fix it a glued a piece of black foam to the adapter (see the attached files)


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Once I got the same problem and I also found out that cut-out of the original Leica does not cover the 6-bit sensor completely, resulting in a malfunction of the Visoflex. I bought a suitable adapter at ebay, probably China made with a complete round perimeter for little money - problem solved.

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