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Forum not displaying properly in Safari

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It's working OK in Firefox -- which I am using to write this -- but not with Safari. See attached screenshot. Thought I should I should let you know.


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There is a problem with the site in safari on ipad - you have to tap twice on the dot or star next to a tread title to go to the newest unread post. The position is also often way out for the first unread post.

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Posted (edited)

Lately, I'm not longer taken to the correct place in a forum thread when I click on a link in Safari (both on desktop and mobile).

Links that end with "?do=getNewComment" don't take me to the newest unread comment, but to a seemingly random place on the page, and I have to search for the blue dividing line.

The same is true when I click to read new notifications. Links that end with "?do=findComment" seem to take me to a random place on the page. These post are even more difficult to find, because there is of course no blue line to search for. Instead I have to hover the link and look for the comment ID number at the end of the link, and then hover the date or comment # on top of each post and compare the comment ID numbers.

I think clicking the links immediately leads to the right comment, but then the page very quickly bounce to another place.

All of this work perfectly in Chrome, but unfortunately Safari is my preferred browser.

Is this a bug in Safari, or is there something that can be fixed in the forum web code?

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