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July 2022 - London forum meet

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Jcraf and I feel that it's high time for another forum meeting in London.  I think the previous forum meeting in London was the very pleasant Primrose Hill meeting in August 2017 although I'm happy to be corrected of course.

Our proposal this time is to meet in The Garrick Arms in Charing Cross Road at about 1 o'clock on Saturday 16th July for some refreshment, possibly a bite to eat if desired, to re-acquaint with members we haven't seen for too long and meet new ones, generally laugh a lot, relate anecdotes, tell outrageous lies, admire cameras and lenses and, when the mood takes us, partake in a gentle stroll-and-click in central London. 

The whereabouts of the stroll-and-click will be determined on the day depending on how many attend, the weather, what the horoscopes are advising, the results of analysing some fresh entrails etc, and we'll take things from there.  But mostly how we're feeling at the time and on the day.

If you haven't made it to a forum meeting before then you'll be made to feel most welcome and you'll be able to spot us in The Garrick Arms from the collection of cameras and lenses on the table(s) so I hope you do manage to come along.

We've had a meeting at The Garrick Arms before, when StS briefly brought his mum over from Hamburg, and the venue was reasonably well received so I hope it won't have changed too much.  It's on the east side of Charing Cross road parallel with Leicester Square.

Jcraf and I look forward to seeing friends again and meeting new ones.  If you'd like my mobile number in case something goes wrong then just drop me a PM and we can swap numbers.  If you already had my mobile from a past encounter then it has not changed.

We'd be grateful if you'd very kindly post a reply stating your intent to come along if you are so that we can get a rough idea of numbers.  If something occurs to force us to change arrangements such as a rail strike, Covid, the Garrick closing down etc then we'll advise the details in this thread.

See you in the Garrick! :D



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I would have loved to come and it coincided with a trip I had planned to come to London with my women ... a break from 3 teenage girls, an ex and a GF would have been just perfect. However, we shall be in Wales instead. 

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Looking at the figures on the ONS and other sources Covid is slowly and steadily on the rise again especially with the 2 new variants. Personally I would probably be happy to lunch with you all in an outside space so I'm wondering if the Garrick Arms is the best venue. I don't wan't to be alarmist but many of us are not as young as we used to be and I have to be careful (had the 4th booster a while ago)

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I take your points although I am not as concerned as you about the statistics that are flying about and I have my own opinion about their accuracy and relevance, which I shall keep to myself.

We are looking at an alternative venue that has outdoor tables too to offer those who wish to eat outside the opportunity to do so.  We're in the middle of a national rail strike this week so it might be a few days until I have the opportunity to look at the other venue but when I do, and if it checks out, I'll publish the details here.  The exorbitant ground rents in central London mean that venues with outdoor tables are few and far between unfortunately.


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51 minutes ago, roydonian said:

I'm sorry to report that I can't join you. Since mid-January I'm been acting as my wife's carer, so for all practical purposes am now confined to home and to brief outings in the village where we live.

Best regards,



Sorry to hear that Douglas, hopefully you are getting any necessary additional help as well.

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After a good deal of searching and checking appropriate venues John and I have chosen to change the venue from the Garrick Arms to The Kaho Bar and Restaurant, at 10 St Martins Court, to meet attendees' desire for the option to sit and eat outside if preferred. 

The time and date remain unchanged: 1 pm on Saturday 16th July.

For convenience of travel arrangements etc we've chosen the Kaho because it is 2-minutes walk from the Garrick Arms and has ample outdoor tables under awnings or umbrellas and is on a small side street so there should be little or no effect from foot traffic. 

It is also 2 minutes walk from the Leicester Square tube station entrance on the east side of Charing Cross Road.  Just turn left as you meet Charing Cross Road at the top of the stairs and left into the lane that runs down the side of the tube station entrance, which is St Martins Court, and the Kaho is 50 yards along at the point where the Lane take a dog's leg to the right.

The number of attendees is unclear as is the split between those preferring to sit indoors or outdoors, which has prevented us from making a reservation so we'll have to take it as we find it.  Fortunately the Kaho doesn't open until 12.00 midday so with luck there shouldn't be a problem.

John and I are looking forward to seeing you all there!

If you haven't met either of us before then just look for cameras on tables and you've found us! :lol:


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