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Profoto flash with Leica SL2


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17 hours ago, robb said:

I'm referring to the control unit, not the camera.  


My menu doesn't match the sync menu on the instructional video from Profoto.  But I will try a faster shutter speed to see if HSS lights up on the Profoto controller.  Thanks.


I am also having the same issue. No HSS option. No 1st or 2nd curtain option, just X-Sync on/off.

I was running a lighting setup on a commercial fashion shoot with 3 Profoto D2s and a Profoto Pro-8a. The remote kept changing the power setting of the D2s to power level 3 and misfiring the Pro-8a. Very unprofessional and embarrassing issues to have on set with the model and art director looking at you for a quick fix.

Fortunately I was able to solve the issue by changing Control Mode to Air 1 and turning X-Sync to On. Apparently this shuts off all communication from the camera and the remote. So this leads me to believe it is a firmware issue. For now I may return the Remote Connect until Profoto/Leica figures this out.

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