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Big Smile back on my face

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I have always loved going out and shooting and have acquired/had the privilege to own some amazing camera bodies and glass. I did a few weddings and paid gigs but I never really enjoyed any of that. For me it always came back to shooting for fun. 

Then when I amassed to many shoot specific lenses and focal lengths and primes, and tilt shifts, and tripod plates etc (run on sentence here) it became a chore vs a joy. My gear sat on my shelf, taking the camera to a race, a family trip etc become too complex for me and the phone become the camera. 

I always missed having my gear, but I wouldn't use it due to the physical complexity of it, my wife wouldn't use it (to many buttons, too much to learn). 

Let's not even go into post processing, I enjoyed some of it but that isn't where I want to spend my time either. Creating layers in PS, dealing with plugins, NIK software for this blah blah blah. I was good at it, but again, no real joy. 


In comes the Q2....I wanted :

  1. Great image quality....
  2. Something I would take with my everywhere
  3. Something my wife could pick up and use on full auto and have fun with. 
  4. Everything I would expect from a DSLR/Pro Mirrorless setup, Aperture, ISO, Shutter, exposure settings etc. 
  5. Images straight out of the camera..... No post needed: point, shoot, save. Rinse repeat


Long winded post here, but man I am loving this camera. I sold everything, not because I had to but because I just didn't use it anymore. Bought a q2 and the smile is back on my face when I can easily carry a masterpiece of a camera with me when I walk out the door.  Still working the kinks out with it but my wife loves it on auto and I love it how ever I want to. 

2 jpegs untouched straight out the camera. Its moments like this I wouldn't have captured with my old setups or with the phone. Loving it






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