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9 hours ago, anthonym3 said:

wda, thank you. Do you know of coatings of this color?

It is difficult to recall the situation after WWII, but I remember the service offered to existing  owners. At first only exposed surfaces of in-use lenses were retro-coated by original makers or independents, usually of front and rear surfaces. I recall there was a pale blue colour visible, but as coating materials evolved, and coating of all surfaces were introduced , different colours were perceived.  Unrelated makers developed their own formulae. There was no standard. Over time, coating colours fade or are worn as a result of cleaning, changing their appearance. I hope this helps.

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I have an uncoated 1939 Summitar and a 1946 coated Summitar. If I look at the uncoated lens under a daylight balanced light source I see a pinkish overall cast, followed by three reflections, a greenish gold and then two yellow reflections as light goes through the lens elements. On my coated lens I see an overall purple cast, followed by reflections of faded green, faded blue, then faded red as the light travels through the lens. What you may expect from coating a lens?

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