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Q2 - Autofocus off after confirmed AF point

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Is it possible to turn off AF on Q2 after the AF point is confirmed?
That is - I first use AF, focus and confirm the AF point and then turn off the AF with a simple one button (NOT on the lens shift to MF).
Because if I move on the lens to MF mode, the confirmed AF point is lost.

And not by using “BBAF” because it only works until the image is fried once.

Thank you all

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I don't know of a way to turn it off but as a work around method I'll half press the shutter button with subject under the small square I've selected as my AF and exposure spot.  Then while holding the shutter halfway I'll recompose and take the shot, never fully releasing the shutter I may recompose again and take another.  It takes a bit of practice holding the shutter release at that halfway point but it works for me.  Of course that is when shooting handheld, on a tripod I'll just move my selected AF/exp spot on primary subject.

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