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Problem with images of my M9


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Hi. I have a second hand M9 that I own since 2014. I am mostly using Mark3 so the leica is used a few times a year for street photography. After a more than a year break, I took some photos yesterday and the results were horrible (pls see attachment). I read about some sensor problems of M9. Following the secret set menu instructions, seems like I have the original sensor. I also had some “dots” taking photos of the sky in the past. But that was not a problem since I mostly took urban street photos. Can you pls take a look at the attachment and make a comment? Thank you very much!

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I'd also guess it needs a new sensor/motherboard (the 2 are one unit, not replaced individually) - but as stated no replacements are available from Leica. Leica may offer a reasonable trade-in towards a newer model M. I found the M10 much improved over the M9.

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There's something similar to this on the Kolari sensor repair page, and unfortunately that's bad news:

"We’ve also been noticing that some Leica sensors are affected by electronic failure. Unfortunately, we can not repair this. This issue is typically caused by a corrosive gel that can dissolve the sensor bond wires."



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