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M-P 240 Occasional Corrupted Files

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Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has ever had this issue with a 240 type camera not saving files. Attached is a screenshot of Bridge showing the files as readable. If I open them in Photoshop it says wrong type of file. This has never happened in day to day shooting but recently I've shot quite a few events back to back and with the volume of pictures I've noticed this.

Images look fine on camera but when imported to my PC they go like this. I've tried different card readers and opening them straight from the card itself not my hard drive. Going into uni tomorrow to try a different computer.

Using a SanDisk 64GB UHS-I card that has always been reliable as far as I can tell, I've put a different one in the camera now. I will admit the camera isn't on the newest firmware, but I don't see how this would make a new problem develop, I'll update nevertheless (I'm on

Also attached is a screencap of the metadata in Bridge. The first one shows that of one of these corrupt files, the second is from a good one. Notice one has a PPI count and the other doesn't as well as them being different dimensions.

This is something that happens once or twice every few hundred photos, this run of 3 is the only time it's not happened isolated. Any help appreciated if you've experienced this.


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I believe this is a known adobe bug.  I see it in a few photos when processing them in Lightroom Classic version 11.3.  The Lightroom forums suggest downgrading to Lightroom 11.2 as a workaround.   I suspect the problem is in the version of Adobe Camera Raw used by photoshop, bridge, and lightroom.

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I had the same problem and can confirm it’s an Adobe bug.

I downgraded to Lightroom 11.0 and Photoshop 23.0 and the problem was no longer there (both with the latest version of ACR).

Kind regards

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