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EXIF Data & Sharpness


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Have a question about why the EXIF data in Adobe Bridge is showing the sharpness as "Soft".   The attached image is shot with an M10-R & 35mm Lux FLE.  The camera is a few months old and the lens is brand new.  The image was shot at ISO 100 at f/5.6 and 1/500 shutter speed.  EV set to 0.  Focus was on the little white dots on the flower pot.  It doesn't look soft (to me) and everything is sharp except the rocks in the background.  Would that little bit of out of focus area affect the way the EXIF data interprets the sharpness?  

I don't think the rangefinder or lens is off as I don't miss focus with them very often but I'm just curious why the EXIF reads the way it does.  

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Check your camera settings for sharpness?


exiftool tag >

Indicates the direction of sharpness processing applied by the camera when the image was shot.

The specification defines these values:

0 = Normal
1 = Soft
2 = Hard

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