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Auto-review bug? - switches off when AF mode changed

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My apologies if this has been discussed before, but I can't see a reference to it from a quick search of the forum.
I have just got a Q2 Reporter - it arrived yesterday so I updated to the latest firmware immediately.
I could set it up without reference to the manual, as almost everything is familiar from the CL (now departed) or SL2-S.
I set up Autoreview to 'shutter pressed', which is as I normally use it, and AF mode to 'face detect'. Then saved everything as a user profile 'my default'.
Autoreview worked fine, as expected, displaying the image if I kept my finger on the shutter.

But if I then change from face detect to, say, field or spot, autoreview switches off - reverting to face detect doesn't re-engage it. If I reselect the same user profile again, or if I restart the camera, then autoreview works again.

I have checked other autoreview modes (e.g. 5 secs) and they seem to have the same misbehaviour. 

There appears to be a bug that switches autoreview off when you change AF focusing pattern, until you restart or reload a user profile.

Has this been noted as a bug before? Can anyone else reproduce it.

I will report it unless someone can point out the obvious mistake I am making!

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