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q2: fw update v4.0: new highlight metering mode

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19 minutes ago, nicci78 said:

really weird, compared to my Ricoh GR III, highlight metering on the Q2 did not protect HL everytime. If you let the camera on no exposure compensation dial in (neutral) it works. But if you set it to positive compensation, it will let the Q2 burn the HL. Very weird.

On GR III, HL metering will protect HL at any given exposure comp. I prefer the Ricoh's way, more foolproof. 

It makes sense. If you use no exposure compensation, then you accept the camera’s analysis of the scene. If you want to change that, using exposure compensation, that’s up to you. You might want blown out highlights in certain photos. The camera shouldn’t prevent that.

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so been out experimenting a bit and for most scenes with a largish cloudscapes and some very bright spots I'm finding having from at least +1 to sometimes +2 is protecting the highlights (shooting in DNG). So  I think you are pretty safe keeping it on at least +1. 

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If using it on my Sony, shooting JPEG, it exposes like it should. Highlights preserved and able to pull shadow detail...every single time. In fact my Ricoh uses highlight metering great too in JPEG mode. I haven't updated yet on my Q2M, but it's sounding like it wasn't implemented well. 

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