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Steel Tanks that Fit Hewes Reels?


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Hi all,

does anyone have a recommendation for a brand of all steel quick-fill tank that will work with Hewes reels?  Needs to take at least three reels of 35mm.

I am finished with plastic reels, already have some Hughes steel reels, just need a tank.  All the current production ones I’ve seen at B and H and the like have received horrible reviews, so I’m not opposed to buying one used.  Just need advice.  Thanks.

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Any steel tank should be ok .  I have one and use Hewes reels

Bare in mind though that Hewes also make reels for paterson tanks. the reels are larger and have the hole in the middle to fit the centre-tube from paterson tanks .

But presuming that you already bought the smaller . standard hewes reels for steel tanks, I am pretty sure that any steel tank will do. I know this because I bought one from ebay and it works fine with my smaller hewes reels 

It is a steel 2-reel tank and there is no centre post (or centre 'stick' that you sometimes see with steels tanks) . There is neither of those and the reels just drop in . Works great . Mine is not a brand that I recognise but just says Made in Japan. it looks v similar to Nikkor, I think they are all the same but someone else may confirm.

Mine looks exactly like this:


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Look for Honeywell Nikor tanks on eBay or similar. They are all stainless, with a good fast-pour light baffle lid. I still use single 35 and double 35 (or single 120) tanks I got in the 1960s. You usually find them now with Nikor reels, which are good, if a bit harder to start with 35,, film.

Originally the tank lid and cap were selectively mated with the tank for good seal, but if mixed there can be only a slight seepage, unless dropped and warped.

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I have used both Nikor and Kindermann tanks with Hewes reels. I find the Kindermann tanks quicker to fill and the plastic lids don't leak at all. The best replacement lids I have found for Kindermann tanks are Samigon. None of the other brands of new lids I have tried have held up well. 

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Kindermann tanks are even quicker to fill if you can find one of the Kindermann tank filter funnels. It's a snug fit in the opening so I can tilt the tank 20º or so with one hand and pour in the liquids with the other. t works well with both my NOS Kindermann lids and my newer Samigon lids. 

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