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M2 lever problem

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I have a Leica M2 with self timer. The lever was lost and I finally located a replacement. However when I put it on it would only self time for about 3 seconds not 10. I took it off and reattached and now it will not fire shutter at all. It was put back on nice and tight so looseness is not the problem. Don’t know if ther is a spring tension that has to be reset??? Or something . Don’t rally want expensive repair billAny DIY ideas out there. Thx. Dewane

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screw is left threaded, you know it but for the others...
In your case the tension spring is most probably completly unwound, you need to wind it before fixing the lever and you will need to repeat steps below maybe few times until ST is properly adjusted. Btw - the best to check ST adjustement is to set speed dial to B and activate ST - shutter shall open at approx 7 to 12 (position of the lever) and close at approx 3 to 12. You can adjust only the point when shutter opens, closing is then determined by ST and shall be then correct.
And now the steps:
- mount the lever at 12 oclock position and fix the screw (not too strong, just that it has grip)
- wind ST (lever at 6) and let lever free. ST will start to run without acitivation button
- now you have to be fast: while ST is running release the screw few turns, position lever at 12 and fix the screw again
- wind ST again, if you will hear a click and lever will not run when at 6 oclock than you are done with rough adjustment. If lever runs again yoiu will need to repeat steps above to get lever locked in 6 oclock position
- fine adjustement (shutter opens at approx 7 to 12) is done in a similar way, by releasing the fixing screw and repositionig the lever
In fine adjusting it may happen that ST will open the shutter at 9 oclock for example (like the fist case you described) In such case wind ST (lever at 6 oclock), release fixing screw, reposition lever to approx 9 oclock, fix the screw. As well here you will need most probably more attempts before having it fine.
In case of questions drop me PN, I am not very often in this thread

good luck! jerzy

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