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Sharpen guillotine on Rondinax 35U daylight tank


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The guillotine on my Rondinax 35U tank has gone a bit blunt and tends to tear the film rather than cutting it cleanly. My thinking was to try and sharpen it using a Victorinox carborundum stick, which is made for sharpening their penknives. I could then do a finish polish with one of the finer stones from my slip stone set, to get into the corners of the zig-zag blade. The 35U tank is at my French house and I will have to remember to take the sharpener and slip stones with me when I go out in April. No spares are available for these tanks (I have both the 35U and the type 60 tank for 120 film) and I have had to make my own new rubber seals, to replace the hardened and leaking originals. The type 60 tank also does not work very well and it is very difficult to strip the backing paper off in one bit without it tearing. I usually have to open the tank in darkness and fish out the torn end of the backing paper. Again I think the blade which separates the film and backing paper, needs smoothing at its leading edge, so that it does not snag. Again either the Victorinox sharpener or one of my slip stones might work for this. 



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