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M9 Shutter is not working


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Just had this weird one off incident with my M9 today. Never dropped the camera though. I was testing some lenses and it fired a few times then after, it just didn’t fire no matter how many times I press the shutter button. But everything else worked like the play button, menu and etc.


Turning it off and back on seem to fixed the problem and the shutter started firing again. I really hope this is a rare incident and not an early shutter fault problem..

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Just to add, I had no SD card in and was just previewing the test pictures with the “intermediate memory” feature.

Usually the M9 would let me fire and only temporarily save 5-7 frames, but this time I only had one or two shots and the shutter wouldn’t fire anymore. The test shots were at 800 iso, so I wonder if it was just me exhausting the internal memory system.

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My M9 P shutter fails from time to time.  I discovered that it comes loose. It probably is not your case but you can check just by turning the shutter ring clockwise. It should be tight, otherwise it won’t work.  

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