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Voigtländer Nokton 50 mm F1.0 asph. VM


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Glad to see this thread.  I was looking at the VM offerings the other night, and this lens is very interesting.  Your pictures look very good too.

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vor einer Stunde schrieb Mefty:

Just today I received a Nokton 50 mm F1.0 VM

Indeed, it looks very promising. Lucky you! The lens is still not available on the Internet. ETA is first week in Feb. It'll be interesting to compare the Noctilux f1 with the Nokton. A review would be very nice..👏

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vor 16 Minuten schrieb Alexander-HH:

Could you also add pictures showing the lens on the (M) camera please? Thank you!

Will do it soon.

vor 19 Minuten schrieb 01maciel:

..A review would be very nice..

Will follow soon, although no comparing to the Noctilux f1.0

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As I just realized, there are not a lot of these out there right now. 

I have plans for a short trip the next days/weeks were this lens and (hopefully) a M11 joins me.

So the following pictures are actually nothing I use to post because they are results of just playing around at home and getting a feeling for the lens for the more (to me) important pictures when out and about. Please bear this in mind when looking at the two pictures here. 🙈

Both taken at f1.0 just little corrections in LR and a little bit of sharpening. No presets are anything like this.



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Thanks for posting Mefty - I'm sure that you have quite a number of readers looking forward to your reports and images. Can you comment on rangefinder focusing wide open as well please? From your images, it looks like focusing works fine, i.e. the rangefinder is precise enough to deal with 1.0 wide open.

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Thanks for posting! I love the B&W image with the girl writing.

The last image, with tree branches in the foreground and houses in the background, looks odd to me. It looks as if the plane of focus is bending a bit away from the camera in the sides.

I say this based on the following observation: the branch in focus, which is close to the center of the image, is much closer than the houses, right? The house behind the focus point is clearly blurred. However, when checking both the left and right edge of the image, the houses in both sides are almost in focus. If my observations are correct, then this lens has a bit of reverse* field curvature.

* reverse as in opposite normal field curvature, where the plane of focus moves closer to the camera in the sides and corners.

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Any sooc raw of this lens by any chance. Would be nice to see the the rendering this lens delivers sooc. I.e saturation/ tonality/ contrast

How would you describe its falloff from in and out of focus areas?

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vor einer Stunde schrieb LarsHP:

...I say this based on the following observation: the branch in focus...

You can download the image here:

(link deleted)

and look on your own device.

I checked your observation and I think this is due to the resizing and the compression here.

Please check the image and let me know if you still think your observation is right.

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