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Sigma 105mm 1.4 Art

Craig Clark

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I searched and there didnt seem to be very much on this lens in the forum. I am really curious to hear people thoughts on the Sigma Art 105.  I have the SL2s and have been shooting with the 24-70 for a few months now - once I learned my way around the camera I really love it.  I am looking for a nice portrait lens though, and its just not in the budget at the moment to purchase Leica glass.  I have gotten some killer portraits with the 24-70 at 70 (around aperture 3.2) and I am just wondering if my images will be comparable in quality (sharpness, color etc) or maybe even better.  I know there were a bunch of rumors that the 24-70 was made by sigma anyway....not to feed the conspiracy theorists!  Anyway - input and sample images are welcome!  Please help!    

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Hi Craig,

Here are a few images taken with the SL and the Sigma 105 1.4 Art, at f/1.4.  I got the lens when it first came out before L mount was available.  I use it with a Novoflex AF F mount adapter on the SL.  I wish it was L mount for better compatibility.  

I appreciate its weight as Sigma has seen fit to include a tripod collar.  Mount it on a monopod for fast portrait to landscape format imaging.  The monopod lends Z axis stability so you can shoot at very slow shutter speeds in dark venues.  The weight of the lens is a non-issue on a monopod.  My SL has no IBIS.  

AF is accurate but slow as I have the adapter.  The sharpness and contrast of the glass makes manual focus easy when shooting wide open.  Manual focus is very linear in this DSLR lens.  The fast f/1.4 aperture will give you a brighter EVF image to work with vs a zoom lens.  The working distance is much longer than my SL 24-90.  I have had talent push in too close to get focus during live performances.  The 105 1.4 Art is longer and faster option vs my SL 24-90 (90 at f/4).

Sharpness, color and contrast are great.  Fringing and distortion are well controlled.  Bokeh and flare are smooth.  Subject isolation for portraits is excellent wide open with sharpness edge to edge in the plane of focus.  

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