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No video with M11 - this is expected in 2022, right?


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I doubt we will ever get the sales numbers of cameras from Leica.  But, we can assume that sales of the R system (good as it apparently was) were insufficient to support its continuation; CL/TL sales do not justify giving APS-C priority in Leica’s camera development; and the M camera has been profitable since the line was saved by Leica Canada and the M4-2.

So, why is it so enduring?

Much like the air cooled Porsche 911 cars, the M is iconic.  Whenever a film maker wants someone holding a camera, 90% of the time it will be an M.

What defines the M?  Certainly not what it has, but what it doesn’t have - anything which is not directly needed to make excellent still images with the most direct, manual control.  The other Leica offerings, the CL, TL2 and SL do all the other stuff, and very well too!  If you want video with an M lens, the L cameras do this well.

I was trying to imagine an M video camera, with the electronic controls for quality, log, mike and sound pick-up and on and on … then again, they could dump that and build in a crappy mike into the body, cripple all the things that videographers say they need and just include a button with rubbish results.  Sound familiar?  My iPhone does it better, my Insta One R (with Leica 1” lens) is even smaller and does it better, and if I wanted good video I have a TL2 and an SL.

If it was just a button, then it would be pretty inoffensive, I agree.  But this is Leica - to match the rest of the M camera, it would never just be a button.

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6 hours ago, Olaf_ZG said:

I don’t consider any m with video. I don’t do video so I don’t want it on my camera.

Leica could make a m11v for video, may be not a bad idea.

that said, i also dont like to watch other person’s videos. So much trash outside nowadays. Horrible.

Drone videos are fun!  Hasselblad too!:)

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7 hours ago, setuporg said:

Drone videos are fun!  

Think of the weight of your M with the Noctilux 50 (at infinity then!). 


Did you see the the 17" light field display of Japan Display Inc.?

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