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Looks like bad news for hopes on CL2

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16 minutes ago, dkCambridgeshire said:

Leica would benefit if ... and it's a very big 'IF' ...  the next James Bond uses a Leica ... that would be marketing par excellence 

Leica would benefit from decent marketing. With the XV, T, TL, TL2 and CL they have consistently shown than they don’t know what they’re doing and are not listening to either potential buyers or the press as to what the market wants. Maybe they should just stick to the M and Q lines and abandon the rest. A James Bond model to align with the next movie “Never Say Never, Never Again” is at the earliest 3 years away and the benefits are transient. You still need to support it years 2-5 after launch and movie support. If you only rely on extrinsics you will fail. In addition the cost of buying product positioning in a James Bond movie is cost prohibitive for a minnow like Leica.

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Why go as far as featuring in a Bond movie? Look at Peloton’s impact on their stocks after Jessica Parker’s husband gets a heart attack after using one of their products in sex and the city 😌 so, a simple web series with average marketing efforts would do it in today’s world I guess 😀

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That's right, the right marketing I think could sell many more CL.  
I just have a looked at my CL pictures with TL lenses AND M lenses and they are more than ok for my family pictures.

 I have in German leica store borrowed an SL2 and SL2s used them with my TL and M lenses.  There is no great advantage in lugging a large and heavy SL2 around.  CL does it just as well.  Actually better because it's so easy to handle.  

For heavy and fast AF I have my Canon R3 which does a fantastic job.  But I use it professionally.  

For family and vacation I use Leica.  

To get your comment on marketing things, it has surprised me several times that when I enter a Leica store (Germany) the CL and TL line are not highlighted.  Sales staff are all trying to get me to buy an SL not CL.  

That I will never buy an SL2 / 3 I will not say.  But I do not want a big Leica.  Maybe in the long run it will make me completely end my relationship with Leica.

But only if I know for sure that there will not be a new CL2.  Hope so that Leica reconsiders and puts market things € $$ in and develops on the system.  It can be so good.

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8 hours ago, Enrique Santa said:

but Leica, be warmed, I'm no more confident in your products if there is no CL2.

Same here. My wallet is now closed to Leica until we see a CL2 with state of art EVF. There is real pleasure in the M3 and its brethren, but their digital stuff has capabilities that are beyond what I need, sometimes a bit heavy and often too expensive. My first CL provided all the image quality and flexibility I wanted (before I sold it on) whereas the M11 is just overkill.

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