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Voigtlander 40mm and bright lines


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I pulled the trigger on Leica M240, I should get it next week

I did read something in the past about  bright lines triggered from 40mm, I have a Voigtlander 40mm f1.4 and I like it non Z7 has a not soft bokeh that is pretty uncommon not sure how it will perform on M240 and if I should sell it to get a 35mm f1.4 Nokton but since I also use 21mm / 28mm I prefer the 40mm that it is a little wider than 50mm

As far as I know it possible to modify the 40mm to trigger 50mm bright lines, I guess without modification it would trigger 35mm 

Is it something difficult to do? Can this have any negative impact on the lens?

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With M240, no worry, you can use LV to frame ( help framing ! or see focus shift if any ) with 40mm for a while,

then you may record the difference with OVF frame (35/50 which is triggered), then use happily your40

or if not after trying, replace the 40 after trying with another 35/50 lens of your choice..

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1 hour ago, Al404 said:

...Is focus shift a common issue? Is on all 40mm or just some copy?

Some focus-shift with the 40 Nokton is a well-known phenomenon with this lens under certain circumstances.

As fotomas has mentioned in post #3 it only really manifests itself at close distances (approx. min. focus to around 2m) and only between f2.8 and f4. With anything further away than around 2m and with any other f-stop at any distance there is no problem. If these first-mentioned particular circumstances are avoided (by shooting at f1.4 / f2 when close-up, for example) then the lens is an absolutely stellar performer in every way. Fantastic lens.

The 35 Nokton v1 was worse (apparently) than is the 40 but the lens was re-designed to address both the issue of focus-shift and also the marked barrel distortion which affected the v1. The 35 v2 has, from all accounts, corrected both of these awkward niggles.

The 40 Nokton has not (yet) been redesigned and there is not a v2 available.

With the 40mm the best solution I have found for framing is to use the outside edges of the 50mm framelines. There will still be a little bit extra but this is a better situation than to use the 35mm frames where you may assume you will capture more than will actually be the case.


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