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Exposure Meter Issue with the 21mm Super-Angulon f3.4 on my Leica M6 Classic

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I use an m6 classic, and I never really had any problems with my light meter when I used to have my 40mm on, but since I started using my 21mm, it doesn’t seem to work properly. Sometimes it does when I’m outdoors, sometimes it doesn’t.

Every time I take the lens out, the meter seems to flash, then instantly disappears when I put it back on.

Anybody got a similar experience?

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The problem of light metering with the Super-Angulon results from the fact that the large rear end of the lens tube obstructs the little lens for light metering in the camera's lens mount.

 I quote the manual for the M10:

Can be used, but exposure metering only possible in Live View mode
– Super-Angulon-M 21mm f/4
– Super-Angulon-M 21mm f/3.4

– Elmarit-M 28mm f/ 2.8 with serial Nos. before 2 314 921.

Since the M6 has no Live View mode for metering, it is clear that the camera's metering does not work with this lens. If you look into the manual of your M6, you will find this explanation. 

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To be more positive as user of Super-Angulon 21mm for so long,

I take reading with another "close" lens before mounting the 21mm,

or if not possible/no time, just dial in (in manual point of view, a good start point for digital M set to  "A") +3EV, bracket.

With M6, I'd use the same +3EV thing to try out if it works, maybe with the distance set to 40cm ?

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