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75mm Shots


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No complaints at all about the quality of the Summarit-M 1:2.5/75.  I haven't compared it with the f/2.4 version but others have commented they are more or less optically identical except for differences in MFD, lens hood etc.

First shot was on an SL (601), the second on an M9.  The 75mm frame lines on the M9 take a bit of getting used to; on the SL it is superb and the very short focus throw (less than 90 degree) combined with focus peaking makes tracking a moving subject almost as easy as AF.

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Leica M3, Summarit-M 2.5/75, Kodak Vision3 250D.  Framing on the M3 remarkably easy with its permanent 50mm frame-lines by remembering what the 75mm lines look like on later models.

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