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Advice on the 50mm APO Summicron Lens

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Last month, I was lucky to obtain the new APO Summicron 35mm, and I have enjoyed it immensely. I would like to pair it with the 50 APO, but want to ask the Forum's advice before I purchase one.

Do you all think there is a significant chance that Leica will issue a new version of the 50 APO in the next year or so (perhaps in conjunction with the M11 or a possible MEVF) that includes the close focusing capabilities of the 35 APO? Although I believe this is unlikely, I would appreciate your opinions. On the other hand, a lens in hand is worth . . . .

Thanks for your speculation and advice.

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I have the APO 35,50, 75 and 90. 35 and 50 are very close, especially if you take in consideration the fact that you can crop with a modern M camera without problem. I prefer the combo 35 + 75 then 35 +50. However It depends on your photographic focus and practice 

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Beg,   You asked a very interesting question concerning the 50 APO.  The 50 APO Summicron M lens most likely is not going to be updated any time soon and does not need to be updated.  BUT!...It has been rumored at Leica Rumors for some time the 50 Summilux-Asph-M (also an APO lens), is due for an update.  I was just looking at the B&H Photo website and noticed the Germany made version of the 50 Summilux-Asph-M is on backorder.  But interesting as well...the M 50 Summilux-Asph is missing on the Leica website under the 50mm lens category.  Does this portend a new 50 Apo Summilux-Asph is coming in January along with the M11?....I do not know.  But Leica is well known for all kinds of suprises...and this might be on Santa Karbe's list as well.  Ho,Ho,Ho!  r/ Mark

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