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Another nice lens from Voigtlander

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The new Voigtlander Ultron Vintage Line 35mm F2.0 Aspherical II has the same sharp optics as the previous Type I, only now restyled in a classically beautiful 1970’s black paint or silver paint brass lens barrel.    The icing on the cake is faster focusing via a new comfortable classic style focusing tab.  

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1 hour ago, cboy said:

Its would of been on the cards for me except for that chrome ring. An all back body/lens with a chrome top a bit jarring imo. 

Same situation as (for instance) their 40mm f1.4 Nokton but all that is needed is to buy the dedicated lens hood and "All That Glisters" is gone. And as that lens (IMO) will definitely need a proper hood it would be as well to buy the dedicated one first-off - as I found out for myself with the 40...

Nice looking lens! Camera not too shabby either; one of 550 Black-Paint M4 made by Leitz Canada in '74.


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