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Leica FOTOS app no longer working under iOS 15.

Johannes Adriaan

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Since updating my iPad to iOS 15 the Leica FOTOS app has stopped working with my Leica SL and Q. The app worked flawlessly under iOS 14, and still does function from my iPhone (which has the previous iOS). I am able st setup a network connection on the camera (create WLAN or join local WLAN). I have tried deleting both cameras and scanned the code to setup a new camera from the app, but when I try to establish a connection, I get an error saying this is not possible. Needless to say I have tried restarting  the iPad and the cameras, but this doesn’t get me any further.

Does anyone have similar issues and a possible fix?

thanks, Johannes 

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Hi - I'm having the same issue with my Leica Q. 

Ever since I updated to iOS 15, the Leica FOTOS app will connect, but say "no photos found."

I have tried to delete the app, and reinstall the app. I have tried to reset the WLAN setting in the camera. I have tried the app on different phones (4 in total). All with the same result. 

It's very frustrating to have to physically connect my camera to my laptop to transfer photos. 

Any luck from any in getting a response from Leica?



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