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Which would you choose? M10R or M246/MD262 combo?


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I currently have an MD262 and M246. I love them both and shoot my 50mm Summilux ASPH 99% of the time on them.

But - I still find myself suffering from decision fatigue when trying to choose which 1 to grab in different situations.

So, I've been contemplating an amalgamation.

Question for you - would you rather have an M10R or a kit with an M246 and MD262 so you could have a monoochrome and screenless shooting option/experience?

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I fear that M10-R would not cure your decision fatigue.

Searching in one device to replace two appreciated very different devices would loose something, in the journey.


In my case, I resolved the GAS since some years now : M246 + M-D + x.

Sometimes carying the two (or more ! or only one "x" ) but in most cases, only one + b&w OR color mindset.


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I can’t tell whether you will regret it, I think nobody can. But I swapped my M9 and M9Monochrome for the M10R and my experience is the following:

 Colorwise I am much more satisfied with my M10R than I had expected, compared to my M9 which had grown into me and which I once swore to never leave. The extra pixels are much more a surplusvalue than I had predicted; the colors are much more smooth and natural, less digital than any predecessor.
On the B&W side I thus far did not really miss my Monochrome yet, although I find it hard to emulate the Monochrome image style when converting my M10R Raw files. However, the Jpeg’s OOC B&W come very close. I must say that for B&W I’m more directed towards film at the moment and find the Adox Scala in my M7 a terrific alternative for the Monochrome. This is a journey of discovery which is as rewarding as the Monochrome was.

The artistic value of the noise at higher ISO’s is also a unique selling point of the M10R versus older models. Night photography is really a new quality with the M10R.

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On 11/20/2021 at 8:47 PM, jakontil said:

My type of shooting, i like to keep it simple 


but I wouldn’t mind having 2 bodies to carry too… it’s just if u compare with m10-R

i’d probably go with it instead 

Yea - for me - I don't ever carry 2 bodies personally. So it's more a "decision" before going out/leaving which one I want to take. 

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I chose an M-D Typ-262 in preference to the M10-D and bought an M Monochrome as a B'n'W body so, given the options as stated in the OP, I'd stick with what you already have. As far as your "Decision Fatigue" goes for me it's absolutely straightforward. If I'm only taking one body I will choose the M-D so that there is always the 'Colour Option' available.

I agree with criolf; discarding the best Digital M Leica has ever created so far(*)  as well as a Monochrom merely for more pixels? Nope. Complete Nonsense.

For me 24Mb is plenty. YMMV.



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If the the MD262 suits your style of photography, without the LCD, then I doubt that you would find satisfaction with anything else. A digital camera without a monitor is not for me, but I can see the attraction for some photographers.

I have used every standard digital Leica M since the M8 and I find the M10-R to be the very best of the bunch in terms of IQ and handling (for me) by a wide margin. I would recommend this camera wholeheartedly to anyone if budget is not a concern.

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16 hours ago, grahamc said:

Hi @bcapphoto .. how did you get on with this one - did you come to any decisions ?

I know you've been considering a bunch of options, keen to hear how it's going 

Sigh ... still haven't pulled the trigger on anything yet. 


M10D, M10R and even M10 is hard to come by here locally. Trying to avoid buying across the border to save on the duties. 


I'm fairly convinced consolidating down to 1 body is the best option for me though!

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