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Athens - Dinner and Meeting Details


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Once again, I am 100% confident that we will be able to meet up on Athens next year, so here is the Save The Date notice for the next One Challenge.

Saturday 15th October 2022


Somewhere in Athens...


Edit: Follow the link above


Given the tough time that we have all had these last couple of years, and the loss of a number of members, including Steve Unsworth who used to join The Challenges on occasion, I would like to propose that we make this Challenge a charity event. The donation would be on behalf of everyone we have lost from the Forum membership.

Often, the winner of the Challenge donates the prize money to a charity in any event, but I would like to formally propose that we choose a suitable charity beforehand, as part of the rules. The usual €10 in the pot would apply, but the donations would be going to a known cause as part of the rules.

I have discussed this with Ravi, who braved Athens this year to recce the restaurants on our behalf, and he has suggested a "Water Aid" type charity. All charities have found it hard to raise funds since March last year, and an international aid charity along those lines sounds like a grand idea to me.

I am pretty sold on the idea of a charity donation, but open to offers with regards to the actual one.

I am sure that those of you who take part in this extravaganza will have your own thoughts on this, and I welcome ideas.


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Couldn't agree more! I made a similar suggestion for the Not the One Challenges, for the last two years. (More accurately my suggestion was a variation on this theme whereby each entrant sent their fee directly to a charity of their own choice, and stated their chosen charity as part of their entry parameters, but that's a small detail.) However, there was a feeling that it might put off prospective entrants who currently hadn't attended, so I suggested instead that each entrant might like simply to make their own donation anyway (which personally I did).

As to which charity exactly, one possibility might be to choose it (after shortlisted nominations have been made) at the Saturday dinner, exactly as the next year's venue is chosen.

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48 minutes ago, StS said:

In my view this is an excellent idea. I'm flexible regarding the charity, Water Aid makes a very good impression from their website.

For the "Not the one" and "Still not the One" Challenge, I've supported the lifeboard organization over here.


My two entry fees went to our local hospice (Dove House in Hull).


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1 hour ago, Gibbo said:

I really do think Steve should get a special mention though!

I agree and so should Vasken (Falstaff).

I agree with the donation to a nominated charity but we must avoid any argument over which one.  Would it be reasonable that the winner of the Day Challenge earns the right to nominate the charity?


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Good idea - winner chooses the charity. No discussions on this as it could become very emotive. 

Often the proceeds were donated to a charity and I do not believe anyone entered the competition because they needed the money. 

I shall have to win in 22 so as to deliver sustainable water somewhere in the world. :) 

Thanks Andy and lets hope Athens 22 happens - I had a lovely time visiting there last month. 

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I enjoyed Seville a lot and so booked for Athens originally....then Covid happened and I have also  had a lot of other changes/issues. Photography had taken a back seat for quite a while and I hadn't looked at the Forum for ages.. But I happened to logon on the very Saturday of the Replacement One  Challenge. I was inspired to enter but .... have only just now returned to the Forum again. So I.was delighted to see that my Fish and Chip photo did well in the night competition. I am off to Sydney in April to see family. (I notice that there is a proposed Sydney meeting ). Hopefully, I will be able to join the Athens event.  In the meantime, my apologies for being such a feeble and absent Forum member and my thanks to Andy and others for all their efforts in keeping the Forum running.

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