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I have to say that I do not spend much more time changing ISO than I did fretting about it when it was set when I loaded the film.

Sunny day? 100.

Cloudy day? 200 or 400.

Indoors? Whatever works.

Or put it on Auto if I am feeling very lazy.

I think the M 10 ISO dial is actually the nicest implementation I have ever seen It fits so well with the camera. If they could add the fake wind on lever from the M10D as well, it would be brilliant.

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I hesitate to suggest anything here, but to me, the way Leica did this is silly.  It's supposed to remind users of the old rewind knob.  

Just like all the aperture settings are available (on the lens) and all the shutter speeds are available (on the shutter speed wheel), all the (at least the) commonly used ISO settings should be on a dial, or on an LCD window on top of the camera that is adjusted by the knob.   Going into the menu for this is not a substitute - although without too much effort, turning a knob on top of the camera could be designed to change the setting displayed on the rear screen.

The way it is done now is acceptable - I'm used to it.  I try to use my M10 without having to go into the menu system.

My preference - a small LCD screen next to the current knob, that displays the ISO as you turn the knob.

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9 hours ago, Jack Barry said:

Works great when everything is evenly lit. ISO100 on a sunny day does me no good if I turn and I’m in shadow from a bunch of huge trees. That means I have to lower my shutter speed or open my aperture, which I don’t want to do. 

What did you do when your camera was loaded with film?


In this case you could also either pull the shadows in post or add light. ISO is not the only way to skin that cat and is by no means perfect no matter what way you use to control the value - knob or menu - because it will add noise too.

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