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Leica Fotos is not a pro tool

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On 11/10/2021 at 3:09 AM, Bangrossi said:

Coming from canon, I find leica fotos apps much better than canon camera connects apps. Better UI, better transfer speed, snapier overall.

I only use the apps for vaccation or social media. But for my professional work, I never use those apps. It doesn't fit my workflow. 


Check out the Fuji app ! 
ah and by the way …. Ever used magic lantern… 

will blow your mind …. 

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Pro means you make a living with the tool you choose. 
and some people use a pinhole camera to make a living. 
but that is not the point. 

The user anticipation is that an App should do some things with the camera. 

First thing is connectivity- there are many post that camera and App do not connect. 
this has not been tested enough. 

the second thing I need is that both camera and app work independently even if they are connected. 
works on the sl2 but not on the q2  why?  No one knows 

the third thing is that it should somehow expand the features of the camera. 

But it does non of this. And non good. 

so it creates frustration. And no one uses it. 

ah and remember the old display discussion…. 

i stoped using it for that. if I really need a display I work with hdmi and a cable. 
(sometimes with wireless video can you believe it) 

So to sum it up. 

the app is a big disappointment. 


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I have found reliable & consistent connections by diligently following these steps

1) enable Fotos on M10-R and wait approximately the 30secs until the camera-back display shows the QR code.

2) on iPhone start the Fotos app, slide down window, select my M10-R device to connect, the app successfully connects about 10 secs later.


For reference:

M10-R firmware

iPhone 12Pro iOS v16.2

Fotos v3.3.1


I previously used Toshiba FlashAir W-04 with an M240 and the time to connect was probably only slightly faster (approximately 30secs)

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I also performed a detailed wifi scan adjacent to the camera body, and detected that my M10-R is broadcasting a relatively weak signal on CH11 of the 2.4GHz spectrum.

If one were sitting close to a wifi router also broadcasting on CH11, your Fotos device (iPhone/iPad/Android) may not easily connect to the Leica, and instead connect to the stronger CH11 broadcasting signal ie the router.


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On 1/30/2022 at 9:44 PM, rtai said:

The app works but takes a while and at times a few tries to connect. It’s for sharing images on the fly that’s all and it works as advertised. 

I shot a few weddings and got paid. Does that make me a pro? Also sold a few prints to people who felt sorry for me.

That makes you a champ 

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It is slow, but works for me... I think every time I try with my Q2 and my SL2. All I do is start the camera, start the app, connect then download photos. I did it several times today during an event to send photos to folks. 

I had a Fuji system before; the Leica Fotos app is far superior. 


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