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Beautiful sky in Korea


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Sorry - uploaded these to the Gallery too, but just so happy that these came out so well. Recently I read that you had to underexpose to get the Leica colors. Yes, I did use a polarizing filter - don't know if that is frowned upon, but absolutely love love the results. 

Gotta say - the underexposing tip has really set my passion for photography afire again - since I can finally reap the benefits of a full-from sensor - at least from my perspective. 

Please - any critique is definitely welcome.


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27 minutes ago, stuny said:

#1, leave it as it is - Beautiful.

We see picture potential individually. The horizon divides two distinct pictures, both beautiful if the horizon is included within each one. As I see it. Both crops compete with each other if left united. My comments do not deny Stuart his preference. But his remarks caused me to revisit the posting.

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