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Leica lenses on large format cameras

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Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm not into the large photography. I have bunch of SL & M lenses and I'm thinking for a while of buying a large format camera to have some fun with it, and it would be great if I can use the existing lenses I already have. Is there any adaptor on the market that can mount SL or M lenses on any large format camera?

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The coverage of Leica M and L lenses is too small for large format photography. The image circle will be extremely vignetted, and bad edge effects will ruin the image.

135mm is the standard size large format lens.

A Crown Graphic with lens is probably cheapest entry level LF.

Have fun...

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Leica M lenses work pretty well on Hasselblad medium format (X1D, 907X) although you have to use the electronic shutter.  I've tried with the Novoflex adaptor.  There is some vignetting with 50mm focal length, but 90mm and above is generally fine.  Unfortunately, no adapter for L mount lens.

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In the german part of the Forum you may find a short thread with examples from the 1:4.5/135mm Hektor on medium format:

Thomas Schertel mentions in #3 that he has used the lens with 9*12cm format. Perhaps he can tell you if there are any adapters. 

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