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Viso Question or a puzzle need help

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I just bought a TZFOO  to use with my 400mm F5 .. but I get a strange message on the M10R  when I turn the Live view on  (( No Lens Detected )) 

When I put the the lens detection to off ,, the Viso turns on then turns back off  in a few seconds and lens detection goes back to Auto 

Am I missing something ?? here 

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Have a look at the mount in the position opposite the red dot.  That’s where the lens detect sensor will fall.  Is there a notch or a cutout that would allow ambient light to strike the sensor?

I had this happen with a M39-M adapter on my M10P.  I used a different adapter, but you can also put a piece of gaffer tape on the gap at the lens detect sensor.

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I think that's the problem, you need an adapter without a cut out but as Kfo says use some tape in the meantime to mask the area round the coding sensor in the lens mount.

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