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Can't get past the language select screen on a TL2

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Am I missing something obvious here?

First time start up, new in box.

I can scroll through the languages using the dials, but touching doesn't work to confirm and no buttons work to confirm.

The manual says that the side areas around the display are also touch sensitive, but they don't work either (at least on this menu).

A new TL2 is supposed to work out of the box, even if no lens is attached, right?

PS. Yes, I removed the protective film from the screen because I thought that was the issue, but it unfortunately wasn't.


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We did charge the battery fully (the screen refused to show anything but a backlight before).

But my wife also now found a first setup video and it clearly shows that there should be no issues with the touch screen, so I guess we received a unit with poor QA.

Already contacted the place I bought it from so we'll see how this gets resolved.

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