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I am new to the Leica world; recently bought a Leica M3 and a 50mm Summicron DR and been practicing since. 


I'm currently saving up money to purchase an M Typ 240 and a Summicron 35mm down the road. However, I'm still learning more about the M systems and I just want to confirm if older 50mm and 35mm (my lens is from 1956) lenses are compatible with the M typ 240 since its an M mount or if there are only certain versions after a certain year that fit the digital Leicas? 


That being said, I want to thank y'all in advance for your time and sharing of knowledge with me. Have a good one!

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I believe I read on this Forum that the DR Summicron is not compatible with an M240 camera, unless a modification is made (grind something away) to its bayonet mount. The experts can confirm this. I have never tried my DR Summicron on my M240, in case there is a physical conflict with something inside the camera body (metering?).

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As far as compatibility with the 240 is concerned it is not a worry. I have not seen any issue with mine - I use all LTM lenses on M adapters. My Industar 22 collapses just fine, my Jupiter 12 fits fine and both of those FSU lenses tend to be fussy. My current oldest lens, a Chiyoko (later Minolta) Super Rokkor 50/2 works beautifully. As for a DR, I'd mount it and simply very carefully move it through it's range of motions to see if there are any issues. 

Back when I owned a film CL I could not collapse my Summicron or Summitar all the way - once I knew how far it could safely be collapsed I used a hair binder to prevent it from collapsing any further. You might need something similar if there are issues with the DR or not, depending. Never take anyone elses word for something you can (CAREFULLY!!!) check for yourself. 

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Welcome @Leon.883

The combo you use now M3 + Summicron 50mm DR is very nice to come in Leica M system.

- as other said, DR Summicron 50mm is not compatible with M240, you can download the manual, from here (link, you can choose the language)

- I do use one (or more DR ) with some precautions on digital M:

a - before mounting on any digital M, the DR must be set focus ring to about 1.5m, other settings can be dangerous for the lens or the body

b - then the focussing can go to about 10m as hard stop on M8/M9/M240/M246/262/M-D, only M10 * can use full range to infinity

c - we can use the correction eyes for close range on any digital M


* have a read here DR+M10





if you want to use your future 35mm on your M3 (35mm usable also with other M), take note that it must be with eye corrections type, infos here, in Wiki

as it's more bulky, the price is lower than same lens so-called 'M2 type' without the goggles.

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