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BP-SCL4 date code?


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I've tried Google search, and a search here but come up empty. Is there any reference available for date of manufacture codes for the SCL4 batteries? I have 3 between the SL and the Q2M, and am curious to know the age of the batteries. I suspect the code is the alpha-numeric code in the white rectangle. The 2 I have in front of me for example are JG8A and KDPA. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction for this?  


Thank you 

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I called and asked Leica, they contacted Germany and below is their reply.  They were very nice about it.

Good Morning, 

Germany responded to me about the Q2 batteries and lettering coding/expiration date. They stated the following:

none of our technicians was able to tell me the meaning of the 4 letters/numbers combination of the battery of the Q2.
All the other camera batteries I checked have the date of manufacture printed or engraved.

 I am sorry that I do not have any more info. Thank you and have a great day! Be safe, be well!

Here was my reply:

Thank you for looking into this.  Obviously the 4 letter code is the work of the Illuminati :)

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There's no reason Leica would know the codes since the battery is manufactured by Panasonic Energy Wuxi Co LTD.  Here's their contact information, a direct enquiry might produce the answer: 

40 Changjiang Road Wuxi New District Wuxi, 214028 China


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Leica Service is able to translate the date code with a translation list, for example in the white colored area of my request was HARA on the battery translation of production date is Jannuary 2021

Johannes Nuremberg Germany


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I designed the labels for a well known consumer brand and these codes are and how to decipher them tend to be industrial secrets in case a third party decides to sell counterfeit versions we can then use mismatched codes as evidence, and also to identify production details if there’s ever a recall. Batteries can be a safety hazard so am sure the manufacturer takes the codes seriously. Aside from the date of production which most labels disclose openly the rest are closely guarded.

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