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All functions stopped. (SL2 Captuer ONE)


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Hi, I shoot a lot of commercials.
I bought sl2 this time.
An incident occurred during the first commercial shoot using sl2.
The picture came in well on the capturer one, and there was no problem taking it.
Then, at some point, the camera went completely out of order.
Touch screens are not available and power buttons are not available.
If a stop occurs, the battery must be forcibly removed.
And when we film again, things go well, and at some point, af stutters.
It stops again.
This phenomenon continued to occur on the set.

Usage environment - macbook pro, capturer one, ether cable (usb C), sd card not used

I'll connect the link. I would appreciate it if you could check and tell me the cause.

Laika only says it's an SD card problem even if there's no problem at all.
There's no problem, so there's nothing I can do for you.
It's so frustrating.


SL2 All functions stopped.




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Does it only do this when tethered  to Capture One? In that case you’ll need to determine the component that causes the fault. Camera, connection, software. Swap out components. If that does not work you’ll need to insist on adequate support from Leica. That is something different from blaming a non-existing SD card. 

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Sounds like a cable issue.

I have been using it for years, I only have issues with SD card inserted and it has data on it. The issue is not freezing but not be able to connect.

Capture one always suggested to take out SD card when shooting into it. it is a problem with MacOS that the connection timeout before reading card.


You will find a solution in using Parallels and Windows Capture one, that does work well as a backup solution.


If you approach tests analytically, you probably can reach to a solution.


I can see that you are using the Profoto trigger. Incompatible trigger and flash tend to freeze the camera. Try using it without. and maybe your solution is to cover all pins but the middle one with some tape.

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