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"Lens Communication Error" and SL system reliability

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My SL Summicron 35 is now non-functional. My SL2 is throwing up the following error message "Lens Communication Error". I've tried cleaning the contacts, re-mounting the lens, shutting off the camera, switching focus modes etc. Other lenses are fine, so I have to assume it will need to go back to Leica.

This is the sort of thing I always use as a rationalization when buying a new M lens, (they are fully mechanical and simple) (lasts for ever) and autofocus lenses can malfunction with no warning, go out of warranty etc etc.

Question about the SL system, as I will be needing auto focus more and more as time goes on (I'm 66). Are these things reliable for the long haul. I've had lots of Sony gear since 2014 and found them totally reliable, but I much prefer the SL2!

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I had a similar problem with the 35SL on my SL601. It would hunt around for focus after I woke up the camera, and I would eventually get the "Lens Communication Error" and the camera would lock up. The lens went to Wetzlar for service, via my dealer and Leica NJ, and was back in 3 months (to be fair, it was shortly after everyone returned to the factory last year). The problem hasn't recurred since. No idea what they did to fix it, the repair ticket said something like "repair as needed."

I've never had the same problem with the 90SL, which I've had a year longer.

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