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    • By GRBrown
      Will the Leica the CF 22 flash work with the D-Lux 7? The CF 22 instructions state: "All flash operating modes are also available when the Leica CF 22 is used with the Leica D-Lux 4."
      Several weeks ago I sent my question to Leica New Jersey technical support, but haven't received a response.
      I haven't put the CF 22 on my D-Lux 7, not wanting to break the camera in case the flash and camera are incompatible.
    • By Geoff777
      I bought a pristine D-Lux 7 a couple of months ago from an (apparently) well respected dealer.
      Camera seems super, and I am really happy with the results so far.
      However I was giving it a clean and noticed that part of the "O" and a complete "F" have disappeared from the word "OFF" at the on/off switch..... photo attached.
      I don't for one minute think a company like Leica would produce a camera where the text wears off so quickly?
      The seller sent me lots of close-ups before I bought, and the full word "Off" is clearly there. I've taken maybe around 1000 shots only, but won't have switched it on/off anything like that many times, I'm sure.
      Everything else seems fine (except for a missing "Wi-Fi" section in the menu but Fotos works OK so assume that's me not reading the manual well enough yet.)
      Has anyone else had experience of this..... or have I bought a copy/fake??? I can't believe it's a copy because it works so well.... but equally I can't believe the text has rubbed off so quickly either!
      Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.
      I posted same on DP Review forum too.... any insights from anywhere would be great!
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