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Focus assist lever for LTM Elmar 5cm?


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I recently used (hooray, first outing since Covid started !) my 1936 Leica III with a 1954 red dial Elmar (an excellent lens) and experienced some difficulty in smoothly reaching the "match- image" correct focus position, because of some friction in the focus rotation.

As many users have experienced, focusing with the small diameter LTM lenses (such as the Elmar 5cm) can be tricky, when the focus movement is not silky smooth. As lubricants age and parts wear, the focus rotation can become slightly (or more) stiff. If a short extension lever could be attached to the infinity locking tab, the extra leverage of the longer arm, and the effective "stretching" of the rotation arc, would make focusing smoother and more accurate.

Has any company ever made such a focus-assist lever to attach on the Elmar 5cm? Even an extra 1 cm (or better 1.5 cm) focus arm would be very useful. This is an obvious accessory, however I have never seen one.


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vor 2 Stunden schrieb ironringer:

As lubricants age and parts wear, the focus rotation can become slightly (or more) stiff.

The LTM Elmar 50 is really easy to regrease. Just remove the infinity stop which is screwed into the lens flange, and you will then be able to unscrew the entire lens from the lens flange. Mark the position on the lens and lens flange where the lens comes off the flange. Use a toothpick and some kitchen paper to clean the lens threads (on both the lens and the lens flange) and regrease with appropriate grease (available online). Subsequently, insert the lens into the lens flange again (that may be a little bit tricky at times, but when you have marked it before it should not be too difficult to accomplish). No adjustment of any kind is needed, as you simply screw the entire lens in and out of the flange. I have done it on my inherited Elmar, and it now focusses smooth as silk. No need for any levers 🙂.

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