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Lens cap for the Summicron-R 50mm v1 and the Elmarit-R 35mm v1


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Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you my experience with the caps for the version 1 of the Summicron-R 50 and the Elmarit-R 35.

As you all probably know, both lenses have the nasty Series VI filters+the 14160 retaining ring. Their original caps (14162) are intended to be used on top of the hood in the reversed position (like in the Mountain Elmar, Thambar or Summarex). Even more, if you use the filters, there is no possibility of using caps that use the filter thread (there's no filter thread in the 14160 ring).

My Elmarit-R came with the hood 12564 K that fit extremely tight. In many cases I was unable to attach to the lens without a great effort and, of course wearing the paint of the outside of front part of the barrel (the outside of the filter thread). Fortunately I also have the old Summicron-R with it's hood and cap, so I tried it on the Elmarit and it worked like a charm. The hood is the 12564 without K.

I checked internet and the few references I found, they stated that both were the same (strange because if so, why to change the code?).

So even when they seem exactly the same, there's a difference between 12564 and 12564 K ("K" stands for "klein"?). It's may be half a millimiter diameter difference. And even when both are supposedly for the same lenses (they have the models written on them), at least in my case, only the 12564 fits correctly (on both). And of course, both of them can have the cap 14162 on top. So I don't really know what's the goal of the smaller version.

I don't want to guess what the cap 14162 K stands for, but anyway it hasn't the cutout for the hood clamp buttons.

Hope it will help,



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Leitz used at least 3 different codes for this reflex hood. 12564 and 12564K  which are described above, and the very rarely found 14164L.  All use push on plastic cap 14163,  It is suggested that the 14164L cap was only used for a brief time, possibly on the earliest lenses. I have not seen the code listed in Laney or any of the catalogs. Lager mentions it, but only says it is of non-standard production.  All 3 hoods fit fine on all my matching reflex lenses, even with the series filters in place.

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