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M-P 240 Lens Detection


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I have small issue that I’m hoping someone can clarify.  I have an M-P 240 that has the most recent firmware.  The list of lenses in the Lens Detection list does not show the 28mm Elmarit-M 2.8 ASPH that I have.  It is #11711, the one made in Portugal.  This was manufacted in April, 2021 and (I assume) is 6-bit coded.  The list does show the #11606 version. 

If I set the Lens Detection to Auto, is the camera recognizing my lens or would it be better to manually set it to #11606 which is basically the same lens optically. 

The EXIF data in Lightroom shows the correct lens, ISO, and shutter speed, but the aperture is wrong.  It will show 3.4 when I shoot at f/2.8.  This happens at all apertures.  That in itself is not a big deal, but I’m wondering if the camera is reading the right lens.  There is no issue with the image quality that I can see.  


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21 minutes ago, jdlaing said:

Newer lenses that are manufactured with the 6 bit code are not in the list on the camera to be manually selected. It will be automatically detected by the 6 bit reader.

Thanks.  I had sent an email to Josh at Red Dot Forum and he said the same thing.  I only posted it here as I didn't think he'd get back to me so fast.  Some good info here if anyone is interested:

Thanks for reaching out. Happy to help! Leica M lenses that have been produced from new with 6-bit coding (versus M lenses that were produced before 6-bit coding was introduced, or have been in production for long enough to where some may be and some may not be coded) will NOT show up in the manual lens profile selection menu, since by their nature they are going to be automatically recognized by the camera. Therefore, when you mount your 28mm lens on the M-P, the correct lens profile will be assigned without any manual setting required.

 You definitely do not want to set the 11606 profile, since that lens is one generation older than what you’ve got now. Let the camera assign the profile automatically and all is well.

 No Leica M digital camera is capable of recording the exact aperture that your lens was set to when you took a photo. This is because the aperture is set via a mechanical ring on the lens, which is not connected to the camera’s internal computer that records other shooting data like ISO and shutter speed. What the camera will do is algebraically calculate the aperture it THINKS you used based on the shutter speed, ISO and the reading from the light meter. Sometimes this is close to the aperture you used, sometimes it’s way off. In short, what you are seeing is normal behavior.

 Hope that helps.


Josh Lehrer

Leica Store Miami

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On 9/10/2021 at 1:29 AM, Gadfly21 said:

Really well written response from Josh. The folks at Leica are always so helpful and knowledgeable (as to be expected for a company of that status and consumer price-point, but it's still nice to see).


Josh Leher does not work for Leica. He is a co-owner of Leica Miami with David Farkas. I do all my Leica business there. They are both awesome.

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