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Show your M10 (or any digital/analog M) HALF CASE

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I used to use half case, variety of brand names but simply put the best to have is artedimano, i have every model of my camera, thats how good they are

but very recently i stopped using one, and been enjoying more ever since

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16 minutes ago, carlosmcse said:

Look at all that Leica glass. Show off!

What Leica glass that above  is me at my second marriage with Leica.......This was my first... Sadly I sold all that gear 18 months ago and I regret it

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17 minutes ago, Artin said:

What Leica glass that above  is me at my second marriage with Leica.......This was my first... Sadly I sold all that gear 18 months ago and I regret it

Billingham & Ona. Two of my Holy Trinity of camera bags. (The third is Oberwerth).

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My favourite bags are actually the billighams.  For the M system I have a small Hadley.  And for a larger kit. I have a 225.  I do prefer them to the Ona Berlin and my Smaller Ona 

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I frequently use a custom made 150cm leather strap and this Peak Design Field Pouch attached to my belt to carry my M. One camera one lens config.

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    • By clngood
      Dear all,
      I bought the "reporter edition" of M10-P about 5 months ago. And it constantly has freezing issue. For the past few weeks, it's just been way too often, like 1 out 2 days it would freeze. I always turn the EV on when I'm shooting, and before it's about to freeze, the EV looks like it's having dropped frames, pretty lagging and then it would freeze, so I have to take the battery out and restart the camera. And many times it just freezes after I turn the camera on, I don't even get to press the shutter.
      Yesterday, I went out shooting and it froze again, but this time, after I restarted the camera like I always did, I found that the screen got a dark horizontal line on the very top of it (please view the photo I uploaded). I checked the photos, it's usually without the line on them, unless the ISO is 4000 or higher, then I got part of the line (or banding?) on the left side.
      Is this normal? Should I send the camera in for a replacement of the CMOS or something?

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    • By Bornosor
      i’ve just got my first digital Leica, an M10R.
      coming from a canon background im used to connecting my camera directly to my mac and having the eos utility automatically download and organize my photos into different folders sorted by date,
      Obviously thats not the case with the Leica and i have to connect the sd card to my mac in which all the photos are stores in one folder that i have to manually create date stamped folders for on my hard drive.
      is there any way (in camera or through an app) that i can do something similar to the canon eos utility with the leica sd card and automatically import all the photos on it into date stamped folders?
    • By Herbertus
      Since sime days, i this idea, of getting an Leica M again. I've used one in the past, but switched to the Sl system instead. 
      Since i currently able to afford an M10, used or new, i looked ar older Models. The M9 and M8 came to my mind at first, but then i got another idea: there are leicas, like the m1 or M-Da. You can get them for like under 600$. What if you took an Digital Camera disasamble it and put it into an M-Da? Has anyone else had this idea, or even tried it? If yes, which camera did you use?
      Im Still debating on the fact that it kinda would mean to "disleica" an camera, but since its an M-Da?
      Thank you for your answers
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